To further enhance the student experience, establishing internships is a very active part of our work. In March 2014, The Handshake Foundation arranged for a 30 hour music recording industry internship for, Syler Peralta-Ramos, a sophomore high school student from Jackson Hole Community School in Wilson, Wyoming. He spent a week with two time record producer of the year, Dino Maddalone at Dino Maddalone Productions in Torrance California. The internship was arranged by The Handshake Foundation and board member, Roger Goff, a former musician himself who currently is working as an entertainment attorney and Executive Producer on a slate of films.

The internship provided an intense hands-on learning opportunity for Syler who received school credit for the week. Good luck Syler and we’ll see you at the Grammys.

Syler board crop

I have learned a great amount about recording and I look forward to putting my new skills to use when I return home. Thank you!

Syler Peralta-Ramos, Intern


The Handshake Foundation and Jet Airways of the US have a planned internship partnership with the International Trade Education Programs (ITEP) for the spring of 2015. The opportunity was arranged by The Handshake Foundation. ITEP is a Southern California based organization committed to developing career ready, college prepared graduates wishing to enter the trade industry. ITEP works in conjunction with industry to help students find a meaningful place in the work world. For Jet Airways of the US, the opportunity to help educate youth in the intricacies of international trade is at the core of the opportunity.

Jet Airways of the US is a veteran and leader in airline cargo logistics and trucking. The company has grown over the last fifteen years from three employees to fifty in seven locations nationally. At the heart of their culture is the giving and sharing of industry knowledge to their employees.


All intern candidates provided by ITEP have gone through rigorous preparation and have maintained attendance and academic criteria. An interview process will be conducted to identify the intern candidate in the spring of 2014 by select Jet Airways of the US staff. The intern will work in the corporate headquarters of Jet Airways of the US located in Gardena California and commit to approximately one hundred hours of hands on mentoring and business education. The intern will have the opportunity to engage in all departments of the company and work as part of a thriving and knowledgeable team of dedicated employees.

For almost twenty years, Monika Lutz (Heller), CEO and Tammy Zwicki, COO have created a corporate culture that is based on learning. For this executive team, it is important to pay forward and educate those interested in entering the industry. “The next generation of employee needs to know what it takes to be a team member and work together for a common purpose,” said CEO, Monika Lutz. “We have the opportunity to make a positive difference in a young person’s life by providing them the opportunity to gain this valuable work experience.