Financial Aid


Educational Grants

Grants provided by the Handshake Foundation will be given for an educational project, continuing education, educational support activity or goods. If your application is approved and a grant is issued, you will be expected to report information about the project back to the foundation. The Handshake Foundation reserves the right to maintain contact with supervisors, teachers or any adult who is directly involved with the purpose of the grant.

Our educational grants and financial aid are decided upon by the board following a guideline and criteria of eligibility, student activities, involvement with our mentors program, educational goals and need. The student’s financial need is an important consideration of THF grant awards. Since these scholarships generally do not cover all educational expenses, students are encouraged and expected to investigate other loan and scholarship programs.

Named Grants

Harriett M. Heller Grant is awarded for advancing education in the performing and media arts. This grant is dedicated to Mark’s mother, who in her heyday was a stage performer, singer and entertainer. She put her career on hold when she married a young Army officer and started a family.

Lt Col. Nathan Heller Grant Growing up in a military family, Mark and his two sisters could not truly appreciate the sacrifices their parents made for the country and their growing family. As kids, they lived in two foreign countries and four US posts before Mark was eleven.

Yes, that’s Mark in the middle. The Handshake Foundation is proud to serve, those who serve.

  • Donna Goldbach Grant for young women pursuing a career in business and industry
  • Sportsmanship Grant for student athlete’s continuing their education in any field of study.
  • Mark & Jodi Jawitz Grant for young candidates who show strong core values and an entrepreneur spirit.

Mark & Jodi Jawitz started a small appliance repair company in 1983. Over the years they steadily grew the business to a thriving, reliable and sought after company. This grant is dedicated to their integrity and value of honest work.

General Aid for on-going education

General Grants/Aid is available for college and or university courses, vocational and continuing education,
exchange-student programs, educational materials, supplies and educational projects. Student applications
need to be complete and submitted for consideration.

Application guidelines

  1. Fill out entire application. If more space is needed, attached additional sheets. Make sure the entire form is filled out completely. Your financial need must be constituted aseducational or in some way in support of your career goal.
  2. Provide two letters of reference from non-related adults, like school counselors, teachers, coaches or advisors.
  3. An oral interview or phone call may be scheduled with The Handshake Foundation to discuss your application.
  4. You must be currently enrolled in an educational institution. Transcripts may be required.

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